I am experiencing something that is definitely on my personal bucket list. I am taking a tour of Israel and am currently in Jordan getting ready to go to Petra. I can not even begin to explain on how awesome the first few days of this journey have been. Already I have been to Joppa where Jonah and Peter both were called on specific missions by God. I also went to Bersheba today where Abraham sought water from a well and made a treaty with Abimelech in Genesis 21. Just insane to be at a place that is 4,000 years old. I am so excited to see where else this trip will take me. Tomorrow, we experience Petra. My prayer for this experience…God make me more like your son as a result of what I will see and feel.

2 thoughts on “Trip

  1. I hope you are taking some pictures for all of us to see while you’re there. Then you can give me the skinny on taking a trip there someday as its on my personal bucket list as well.

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