This weekend at Grace Fellowship was just awesome.  We had a very powerful worship/communion/prayer time on Thursday night.  (In fact I am continuing to reflect on parts of that service even today.)  On Friday night, our Eggsplosion event with the helicopter egg drop had around 3,000 people attend.  For Easter services yesterday, we had over 1,300 people attend Pickerington High School Central.  And at those services, several people made big decisions regarding their faith journey with Jesus.  It was just awesome.  A truly humbling and blessed weekend that moved my soul.  The success of the weekend was a total church effort.  I want to be sure celebrate our people here at Grace.

  1. Thank you to the volunteers – we had hundreds of people who have given up lots and lots of hours.  You carried things, made stuff, played instruments, worked with software, bought needed tools, organized games, painted faces, and so on.  You guys were AMAZING.  All of you.  You make me love this church.  Thank you.
  2. Thank you to the staff – I am blessed to work with great people.  Many will never know how much time you put into our community.  You love God and his mission and you work hard to further his glory and his work.  You did that at a high level over the last few weeks.  It is an honor to serve with you.  The best is yet to come and I know you all want to keep going.
  3. Thank you to my wife – Kelly is amazing.  Those of you who know her well know this already.  You are such a key to Grace and most will never understand just how key.  This weekend, you planned and hosted a birthday party for our daughter, you handled Easter stuff for our family and you hosted family in town – all while being supportive to me.  I did not have the best attitude this weekend and you still held it all together.
  4. Thank you to Eric and PHSC – Our 2 Easter services were at a local high school.  The facility we used is managed by a man named Eric, and he worked hard with our team to make the services go well. The local high school is gracious enough to let us use the facility, and they are very welcoming with their attitude about it.

I love the church I get to be a part of.  Our best days are ahead.  Thanks to all who are a part of this mission.

One thought on “Thanks

  1. Was a really great service. I am so thankful for you and everyone at our church. Thank you for being an awesome pastor and for our awesome church family.

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