Good Stuff Ahead

Our church spent some time this weekend talking about how we move past our past.  Our yesterday does not have to determine our tomorrow.  This good for a lot of significant and meaningful reasons, but also because yesterday Kentucky won it all in college basketball and I can not stand them.  So I am going to put that behind me and focus on some good things ahead.  Preparing and anticipating events you are excited for has a way of keeping your attitude positive.  So forget what is behind and focus on the good stuff ahead.

Here are some things I am looking forward to:

  1. Dinner tonight with my family to celebrate my daughter’s 4th birthday.  (And to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday as well…Happy Birthday Jamie).
  2. Easter service this weekend.  Praying that God is going to do some amazing things over the course of this week and that we get to reflect on the Help we have in Him.  Super excited.  If you are looking for a church to worship at this weekend, join at Pickerington Central High School at 9:30 or 11:15.
  3. Softball season starting.  I am ready to get out and have some fun with the guys.
  4. Grilling out.  I love to get out the grill and go to work.  The season for this is here.
  5. Traveling to Israel and Jordan.  In just under two weeks, I will land in Israel.  My brother and I are joining a team to tour the Holy Land.  I am expecting this to be life changing and powerful.
  6. A date with my wife.  We are due for a solid date night.  I plan to make this happen before I leave for #5.  Need some time with my friend.
  7. LeBron failing in the playoffs….at least this is the hope.  Go Oklahoma City!
  8. Watching my son’s soccer season.  He is excited and that makes me excited.

What about you?  What you looking forward to?

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