I was chatting with a family the other day about their life.  They shared with me that they were about to put their house on the market.  I asked them why are you selling?  I hope you are not leaving town.  They shared with me that they are filling led to downsize.  They want life to be simpler.  They want to be able to give to causes more freely.  I was so encouraged to hear about this kind of exchange.  An exchange that frees up your life to be more selfless is something that should be celebrated.  I think more of us should aim at this kind of thing.  Your story and exchange does not have to be just like someone else’s, but I do think we should all think through where we can make an exchange.

Here are some ideas:

  • Do not buy the concert tickets for a show this summer and give the money to an organization like Malaria No More
  • Turn down a round of golf with your buddies and take that time to go serve a neighbor
  • Skip a meal where you were going to go out to eat and give that money to an organization/ministry that serves people who are in need of food
  • Pass on the new pair of shoes and give the money to a project at your church
  • Give up your date night and watch someone else’s kids so they can have a date night
  • Trade in your car for something cheaper and take the difference to pay off other bills, thus giving you more freedom to be generous

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