Good Times

I have learned over the years as a pastor that very difficult times have a way of driving people to God and the church.  The loss of a family member or a personal sickness or job loss or you fill in the blank ends up pushing people to a place of despair and they often run to God.  This is one trend, but I have noticed another one as well.  The first one I expected, but the second I did not.  Often the same people that run to God, when times are bad, move away from him as soon as they get better.  They were struggling to get pregnant so they came back to church.  They get pregnant and then church becomes irrelevant.  The man is going through a divorce so he seeks God.  The divorce gets final and he starts dating another woman and he leaves church and his pursuit of God.  You get the pattern.  I have seen this a lot.  Good times become a platform to say God is not needed.  But here it is…God is either God or He is not.  And if He is God, He is worthy of worship all the time.   God is not just some crutch or rabbit’s foot to get us through difficult times.  In fact, the Bible says that He is the maker of both our good times and our bad times.  I am learning this…When times are good, I can not drift from my need and dependence on the King of Kings.  

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