I Want Pizza

So this past weekend, my 6 year old son asks what are we going to eat for dinner.  I asked him what he wanted.  He said pizza.  I said alright and told him I would order it in a little bit.  For the next hour and a half, Kaden asked me over and over when the pizza was going to be there.  He whined and it said it needed to hurry up.  The pizza shows up.  I cut him a piece.  He eats one piece.  He then looks at me and says can I have a pancake.  I was like you have to be kidding. For the last 2 hours, you begged and cried for pizza.  You get it and then you say, no I want something else.  And not just something else, but something he eats all of the time.  He was not even trading up.

As this was happening, I began to chuckle in my soul.  I came to the realization that I do this same thing to my heavenly father all of the time.  God, here is what I want.  Thanks for giving that to me, but I have changed my mind.  God’s tolerance of human fickleness is just more evidence of His mercy and patience.  I beg and cry and kick and stomp until I get what I want, only to behave like a kid on Christmas morning who got the toy he had been requesting, play with it for 5 minutes and then ignore it like he never really wanted it.  We should be careful what we ask for, we just might get it.

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