As my children get older, I am more and more reminded of my influence (and my wife as well) in their life.  They are going to see the way I do thinks as normal.  They way I talk to people, cheer for teams, give to others (or not give), value the Bible, pray, take care of myself and so on.  This idea has really been hitting home with me regarding how I treat my wife.  I have a son and a daughter, but something has been on my mind specifically related to my son.  My son is learning what it means to be a husband by watching me.  Wow…let that soak in.  This is huge.  My example can propel him to be a great husband or can steer him in the wrong direction.  Someday Kaden is going to get married, I want to him to win…to help this…I need to be winning myself right now.  I want Kaden to be able to say I know what to do and how to handle this in my marriage, because I saw how my dad it.  I am him affecting his someday, today.

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