This One Habit

Over the course of my time as a husband, dad, sibling, son, leader, teammate, etc, there is a principle that in every environment yields tremendous fruit.  If not followed, failure to act on this principle can flat out destroy or at a minimum really hinder a community’s production.  When you begin to have an issue with a person, learn how to appropriately verbalize and not just internalize.  So many marriages, teams, businesses and so on suffer because people will not share how they are feeling and things just build and eventually break.  This does not mean share every frustration and critical thought in your brain.  It does not mean that you do not slow down and think through things.  But once you have processed, calmed down and reasoned through something, learn to let it out.  I think often there is more damage from conversations that do not happen versus those that are hard to have, but take place.  I really believe some communities could see their potential fulfilled at a greater level if more people would verbalize and not internalize.

One thought on “This One Habit

  1. agreed. When one “party” runs from the conversation, tho, it gets harder and harder to communicate on that “rational, calm” level. God still does work miracles, however, even in old married people!

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