Storage Wars

I am flat out addicted to Storage Wars.  I just am. It seems I just can not get enough.  The concept of the show is that when a storage unit is not paid up by the individual or individuals renting it, the unit or units are put up for action.  The show follows around 5 individuals who go around and bid on these various units that become available.  They are “experts” at this so they know what to look for as they peak at these units and bid on them.  The fun in the show is sometimes how they buy units they end up just being junk, while other times they buy a unit and has hidden treasures in it that are worth thousands.  The constant struggle and debate is what unit to buy or not.  Because the investment is a risk.  This is true with more than storage units though.  Certain jobs and careers, teams, house projects, stocks, hobbies and so on can all turn out to be poor investments.  But as you consider the teachings of the Bible and the scope of eternity, there is always a worthwhile direction to invest.  If you want to be sure you are investing in something of value, invest in other people.  Not that people will not let you down or even betray you.  There are some people that you will pour into that will ignore that investment, but at the end of the day, caring for, loving and serving people is always a worthwhile investment.

3 thoughts on “Storage Wars

  1. To quote Dave Hester – “Yuup!” – good thoughts Keith. I too am a big fan of Storage Wars. The 5 personalities really make the show.

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