One of the books I am reading right now, I borrowed from someone else.  As I started reading it, I would come to parts of each chapter that they had underlined.  It was funny how when I came to those places that the previous reader had underlined, my mindset reading those words would shift.  I would think because this person underlined it, that piece of information must be important.  I mean if the person who read it before me thought it was critical, I should.  What was interesting was how there were several times what resonated with the other person did not resonate with me.  Yet, I would try and convince myself it should, just simply because it did to them.  This sounds silly, but I think it illustrates a principle that happens when when play the comparison game.  They like that style or named brand or actor or car or band or you fill in the blank, and so I should.  But know this, you never win by comparison.  Just because something matters to someone else, does not necessarily mean it should matter for you.  It is so important to not just be a mindless copy cat.  Think for yourself and allow yourself to pursue and do what God has made you for.  It is always a dangerous thing to live our lives defining who we are and what we should do by constantly looking to our left and our right.

One thought on “Underlined

  1. Visited another church this past week and the pastor there preached on this very same thing. God has equipped us through our experiences to teach, do, serve etc., just the way he wants us to do things. You will be a very bad copy of someone else! It has taken me a very long time to embrace the person God has made me to be!

    God Bless,

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