Just Do It

I know that it happens to me every week, and I bet it happens to you.  You hear a piece of great advice or counsel.  It could pertain to just about anything.  Sometimes the advice is about your marriage.  or a hobby. or your health.  or something with your relationship with God.  or whatever.  The person says it and you think, “man that was good.”  And then nothing.  You do nothing with it.  It just lays unused in a mental filing cabinet with tons of other not used advice and counsel.  I was thinking about this and as a result I gave myself a challenge.  Let me submit the challenge to you: Take one piece of good advice you have received (or been reminded of) in the last week and actually go put it into practice.  Just do it with one area of good direction and see what happens.   

One thought on “Just Do It

  1. Great thoughts and unfortunately, I do this more often than I should. I haven’t even put into practice the parenting seminar I attended so I guess that’s where I’ll start!

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