The Long Way

I can remember in middle school and high school having crushes on certain girls.  I remember just wanting to be near them any time that I could.  If I had class with them, I was super excited.  If I was going to see them at lunch, I would count the minutes on the clock.  Weekends where our paths would cross, were such a highlight.  I can remember that there were times where I would go the long way through the hallways between classes, just so I would pass them and we could say hi.  I would almost be late for class, but at least we said hello.  I was thinking about some of this the other day, based on something someone said to me.  This principle hit me – We want something bad enough, we will do the work.  We will do the work for a certain job.  We will invest the time for our personal health.   We want to learn a trade or read a book, we will do the work.  If want a relationship, we will do all we can from our end to make it go.  We will even go the long way through the halls…just to see what we want.

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