Bored by Awesome

I grew up just mesmerized by Michael Jordan as a kid.  He was just flat out awesome.  In my opinion, he is the best player ever to lace them up (at least of who I have been able to watch in my lifetime).  He consistently doing the amazing and the unthinkable.  I remember watching an interview after a game one time with Phil Jackson, Jordan’s coach at the time.  In the interview, the reporter after the game commented on how incredible Jordan’s performance was.  The reporter referenced Jordan’s late game heroics and asked Jackson what he thought.  Jackson quickly commented something along these lines, “That is just what Michael does.  When you watch him play day in and day out, you get used to him doing those kind of things.”  As a young person, hearing this, I thought 2 things.  The first was Jackson was right that Jordan did this kind of stuff all the time.  The second thing I began to ponder was how sad it was that he was bored by the best.  He had become used to the awesome.  Jackson had allowed his familiarity to dull his sense of wonder and appreciation.

Greatness should never bore us.  We should never allow ourselves to get to a point where what is excellent and extraordinary does not bring out a sense of thanks and appreciation.  If your boss is awesome and good at his or her job, thank them.  If your parents are rockstars, tell them and do not take it for granted.  Never allow the talent and execution of your worship leader or sibling or coworker or teammate to just become par.  When we are consistently in an environment where there are awesome people, we can forget how lucky we are.  Do not let that happen.  Do not get bored with awesome.

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