I was talking a friend a few months ago who is pretty successful in the business world.  He has made some decisions that have been fairly progressive and controversial.  With these decisions, have come quite a bit of heat.  He has been called a fool and childish and irresponsible and a host of other things.  I asked him, “How do you take all of that stuff and not let it get to you?”  He said, “I have learned a really important discipline in processing the feedback.  I do my best to listen to everyone and then I do my best to turn my critics into coaches.  That is a great approach.  Listen to the other perspective.  Listen to the truth in the critique.  Listen with the intention of growth.  I think there is nugget of wisdom for all of us here.  Whether the area is sports, business, church, parenting, lifting, etc. – listen in a way that critics can become coaches.

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