Make A Play

If you spend more than 5 minutes with me, you will find out that I love sports.  I love to watch them and I love to play them.  Sports have shaped so much of my life.  When you have been around as many sporting events as I have been, you can not help but memorize and think through so many of the sports phrases that you hear as a fan and as a player over the years.  One of those phrases is playing over and over in my head this week because it relates to some things going on in the church where I have the privilege to pastor.  Often times in games I watch or in games I have played in, the announcer or the coach will utter the statement, “Now it is time for someone to make a play.”  In this statement is the idea that in this moment, a player or a few players need to set up and do something significant.  Forget what has happened earlier or what might happen in the next game. A play needs to be made now.  This is the time.  Right now.  I can not help but feel this way with some things going on at Grace Fellowship (@gracpick on Twitter).  There are some things happening at Grace where we need some people to “make a play.”  Here are just a few ways that if you are an attender at Grace, you can serve this church, by “making a play”:

  1. Begin attending Saturday night services as your primary time for you and your family.  We launch our second Saturday service this weekend.  the services on Saturday will be on 4:15 and 6:00.  You can do the church a significant ministry by making Saturday your primary time to attend service.  start this weekend.
  2. Make, increase or keep your financial commitment to the Next Chapter.  We are hoping to continue forward in our journey to build a new building.  Part of that process is getting individuals and families to make 3-year financial commitments to the new building.  This weekend, you will have a chance to make a commitment for the first time, increase your commitment or be reminded to honor the commitment you have made
  3. Invite someone to church.  Every week is a chance for you to invite a person to Grace.  This week is another great opportunity.
  4. Start serving.  We need more people to OWN our church by serving.  Contact the office at and let us know you want to serve.

Let’s do it Grace.  Let’s make a play, beginning this weekend.  The future of our ministry depends upon moments like this one.

2 thoughts on “Make A Play

  1. Brenda and I have decided to start serving in the First Impressions ministry on Saturday nights! Really looking forward to it!!


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