Trail Mix

As a kid, I would go places and people would say there is some trail mix in the other room to eat.  I would think that sounds terrible because I envisioned the family serving up something that had dug up out of their back yard or on a path in the woods.  I soon found out that trail mix is a combination of fruits, nuts and grains (some times chocolate).  Trail mix provides a good mixture of textures and tastes.  With that in mind, today’s post will be a trail mix of sorts.  There is no common theme, vibe, point or story.  Just a mix of thoughts.  Here are some random things that have been on my mind:

  1. Kyrie Irving is really good.  I thought he would end up being a really nice player for the Cavaliers, but he has far exceeded my expectations at this point in his career.  He really appears to be the real deal.
  2. My son (who is 6) is beginning to see how his decisions have consequences.  He is starting to realize that his decisions can hurt other people and his heart is starting to soften where that bothers him.  It is cool to see this process of his world slowly becoming only about him.  Those of you parenting toddlers, hang in there.
  3. Being married is tough.  It is a commitment.  No one said it was going to be a walk in the park.  But remember that you made a promise.  Go home and fight for what you said you would.  It is worth it.
  4. The Super Bowl commercials this year were the worst ever.
  5. I am super proud of our band at church this week for the way they rocked Mumford and Son’s Awake My Soul.
  6. My son is on a basketball team made entirely of kids in kindergarten.  There are 10 kids.  They have had to be at either practice or games for 5 straight weekends.  Not one kid has missed.  I wish parents were that committed to church.  Most families are lucky to make it 2-3 weekends in a row to church.
  7. Most of the time when I have fear regarding a decision I have made, it is because the decision means things will be out of my control and I probably did not lead effectively up to the point of making and implementing the decision.
  8. I am not convinced Thad Matta is a great game coach.  I am pretty sure I am the only one in Columbus.  But he has yet to convince me.
  9. People achieve in the areas that they sacrifice.  I just find that many people are not willing to sacrifice.
  10. I think that a huge part of being successful at any job is just knowing how to get along with people.  Just do not be rude and play nice and your chances to more forward increase drastically.

One thought on “Trail Mix

  1. okay, you’re not the only one in Columbus who thinks Thad Matta isn’t much of a game coach.
    But you are right about marriage being a hard commitment… and that sometimes staying “because I promised the Lord” is the only reason there is…. but it’s still the best reason.

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