How the Movie Taken Encouraged My Soul

I was watching the movie Taken the other night.  I had seen the film before, but was really moved as I watched it again.  I was not moved by Liam Neeson’s incredible acting or anything (in fact it is a little weird to me how his most recent movies have him being such a tough guy).  The plot of the movie centers around Neeson’s character who is a father that is forced to go to Paris and track down his daughter who has been captured by a group of men who specialize in sex trafficking.  Neeson has 96 hours to find his daughter before she is lost forever.  He travels, schemes, fights, kills, and destroys anything in his way to get his daughter back.  His passion and willingness to go get his kid is not only evident, but is also in some way inspiring.  As I watched the movie, three things came to mind.

  1. There is nothing like the love of a parent.  The love will lead you to do some flat out insane things for your children.
  2. I am grateful for my parents who have been willing to show me some just ridiculous amounts of love over my life.
  3. Although Neeson goes through so much to get back his daughter whom he loves, yet it is nothing compared to what God has done to bring back his lost children.  Taken stirred my soul and reminded me that there was no more God could do to go and rescue humanity.  God traveled, schemed, fought and died for his kids.  He did this with passion and ferociousness.  I was moved to praise God for His incredible love for people.

Thank you Liam Neeson and Taken.

2 thoughts on “How the Movie Taken Encouraged My Soul

  1. Keith, I agree completely and felt much the same as I watched that movie. Relentless passion and pursuit of the Father… and a great challenge for the kind of Dad I want to be to my kids… (Gary Underwood)

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