That Person

I am sure that most of us can remember a time that someone told us we were about to meet a person that we were not supposed to like. Our friend or colleague commented on how the person we were about to meet is not a good worker or selfish or mean or ugly or foolish or whatever. You meet the person and you think, “I do not see it.”. That other person is wrong. I like this person. But here is the thing if you never would have met that person or talked to them or taken the time to get to know them, you would have assumed the worst or not been a fan because of what someone preloaded you with. Here is what I am learning.  Do not make a decision about a person or a group without firsthand knowledge of that group or person. It is unfair to judge what you do not know. Take the time and risk discomfort and go learn about the individual or group. And until you have done the work…ignore your sources and assume the best.

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