You Will Cry

Many of us are engaged in things we should not be.  It may be habits or relationships or attitudes or whatever.  If you are honest, you know you need to get out or change or morph or leave or etc..  I know there are things like this in my life.  I can sense it when it pertains to diet and exercise.  I know it when I am procrastinating on a big project.  I feel it when I am spending money in the wrong way.  In all of these, I am finding ways to just put off what is ultimately the reality.  I am attempting to create a world where what I know is best can either wait or that this new world is better, but in the end it is not.  Here is what I have learned.  Cry now or cry later, but you are going to cry.  Dealing with what is best, when you are committed to what is not, is ALWAYS hard.  But the longer it goes, the harder it becomes to undo the harm you have done, and the more tears you will shed.  So make the switch sooner rather than later.

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