If you want to have a good picture of who you are, look at your calendar.  Our schedules are incredibly revealing.  What you plan reflects what you prioritize.  I know we love to pretend that our schedules are out of our control, but they are really not.  Everything from deciding to watch a game, shopping with the girls and the kind of job we want and have are ultimately reflections of the priorities in our life.  Many times what we value is not bad or wrong, but sometimes our choices can be good and as a result be the enemy of what is best.  It is also interesting to me how clearly what we schedule says what we value.  Be careful to say you could not be there, when there the reality is just you chose something different.  Here are some observations related to this topic.

  • when you plan to go boating every weekend and miss church, that is your call and a reflection of your priorities
  • I am amazed by how many guys do not miss playing in any of their softball or basketball or golf games in their church league, but are incredibly erratic with church attendance
  • people can not be in a small group, but they never miss a local sporting event that their children are not even playing in
  • individuals plan road trips, vacations, girl weekends at the expense of key weekends in the life of their church and ministry
  • when we work an insane amount of hours at any job, it reveals where our family ranks
  • people never miss a workout or run, but time with God is an option

We can make all of the excuses we want, but in the end our time tells the true story.  Our schedule reveals what we ultimately are living for.

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