I love my children irrationally.  I just do.   In some ways this works out to be a really good thing, but in others it can just lead to silly and unnecessary behavior and worry.  But when I think about my love for my kids, I think about how I care so much about every aspect of their world.  When they are sick, I wish I could be sick for them.  At school I do not want them to be embarrassed.  I want them to function at the highest level.  If you talk bad about them or I feel like you disrespect them, it hurts in a profoundly unique way.  I know much of this is irrational because their trials, pains, sicknesses, embarrassing moments, failures, etc. will make them better people.  But I have a love that says, I do not care what others think or say, I love them that much.  It is irrational.  I was thinking about this the other day after my wife shared something with me about my son.  I was praying for him.  And then something hit me…I need to have a more irrational love for my God.  I need to be willing to take up for Him and pursue Him and run for Him and serve Him and so on the way I would do for my children.  My life for Jesus should look irrational at times. No one blinks when you look like a fool for your kids, but we pause for being weird for God.  This should not be the case.

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