Take Your Medicine

Age is an amazing teacher if you let it be one.  I think I have heard every adult that I respect at what time or another say that they wish they had listened to a message given to them by someone older regarding a certain aspect of life.  Experience, failure, success, opportunities – time – often provides the best lessons.  As I age and watch others age, I begin to see repeated themes.  In the generation I am a part of, I am beginning to see a repeated theme.  The older I get, the more I see it.  The more I realize that those who said it before were right.  The more I say it to my kids, I am right.  Are you ready, here it is – Stupid choices have consequences.  We like to pretend this is not true.  But the longer you live, the more you will see it.  It sounds so simple, but we do not really buy it.  How do I know this?  Because if there is anything my generation and popular culture are known for right now, it is this idea – “it is not my fault.”  No one is accountable.  Do not blame me.  You pushed me to it.  My parents were dumb.  You should know my boss.  Have you met my coach?  And so on…. But here is where I am at.  Many of us need to just suck it up and take our medicine.  The medicine will make us better people if we will just act like adults and take it.  To take your medicine you have to be willing to be man (not a boy who shaves).  You have to be a woman (not a girl who wears makeup and has kids).  Taking your medicine means being teachable…responsible…humble.  But when we willingly take our medicine we grow and become more respected in the process.

2 thoughts on “Take Your Medicine

  1. Not only does our generation not take accountability for their actions, neither does the generation we are raising. Just spend a week in an elementary classroom and count the number of times you hear an excuse blaming someone else… You may never count that high again in your life.

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