Giving It All Away

I truly believe that generosity is not supposed to be a season or simply an event, but a lifestyle.  I believe this as a Christian, because I believe this is the model and character of the God of the Bible.  The God of the Bible does not know how to keep from being generous.  I aspire to have generosity as one of the defining marks of my life, the life of family and the life of the church I pastor.  One of the things I love most about Grace Fellowship, the church I get to pastor, is the willingness of its people to be generous.

We have a really great opportunity to be generous this weekend at Grace.  We have 4 services to celebrate Christmas this weekend.  At each of these services, we will be taking an offering.  However this offering is unique and special.  Not a dollar of the offering we are taking is going to Grace Fellowship – – we are giving it all away.  Our offering (a minimum of $20,000 will be given away and there will be more if it comes in) this week is going to go to two places:

  1. Asia’s Hope – this is a ministry that provide a home for orphans in Cambodia, Thailand and soon in India.  We are going to give this ministry at least $15,000 for the start up cost of a new orphan home in Battambang, Cambodia.
  2. Lancaster Fairfield Community Action Agency – this is an organization that provides food, clothing, financial training and shelter amongst a variety of other services.  We will be giving this agency at least $5,000 this week.

So Grace let’s go big.  Just give like you normally would.  Make your checks out to Grace Fellowship and we will be handle the break down to get to the organizations.  Please give at a minimum this week like you would give to Grace for your tithe and offering, and hopefully you will reach even deeper.  Be sure to let guests that you have invited to services this weekend know that not one dollar of our offering will go to us.  It will all go to people who are in need.

2 thoughts on “Giving It All Away

  1. This is awesome! Considering the financial challenge Grace Fellowship is facing with new building costs, this is a true testament that Grace is serious about practicing what they preach.
    This type of commitment and application to Biblical principles is the exact reason I call Grace Fellowship home!

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