Up To Me (and You)

I have been trying to exercise more often and more effectively in the last two months.  This has been on my heart for many reasons.  Here are just a few:

  1. I believe I am called by God to steward my body.  It is a gift and I should take care of it appropriately.
  2. I feel better once I exercise.  I have more energy and confidence when I am exercising regularly.
  3. I need to.  I have put on some weight over the years that I need to keep taking off.
  4. Many people respect and trust others who lives reflect personal discipline.  One way to be personally disciplined is to take care of my body.  (I know there are some who might not like to think about this, but it is real.  One’s weight can affect your potential sphere of influence.  It is shallow, but it is true.)

Even with all of these good reasons, it is so easy to come up with reasons not to exercise on any given day.  But here is what I now tell myself…I either exercised today or didn’t.  Period.  It is on me.  It is up to me.  The facts are this, when I regularly exercise (and avoid eating like a college fraternity kid) I lose weight and the results are there.  This same reality is true is every area of my life – – time with God, my parenting, my job, prayer, reading, etc.  I either did it or I did not.  When I do it, there is a positive difference that is made.  So here is where I am:  In any area of life, I (and you) can either make excuses or I can make a difference.

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