Keep Moving Forward

I love to see people take steps forward.  I love seeing people take steps forward as a friend or parent.  It is awesome when someone says I am going to learn an instrument or take up a new hobby.  I love to see a student go get tutoring or work harder in a class.  A boss or employee willing to make the appropriate changes is just sweet.  One reason I love seeing people move forward is that making progress is hard.  I have observed that there seems to be a consistent thing that happens as people attempt to move forward. They commit to moving forward or they take the first step or a new step and then they just stop or stall out.    I watch many people, including myself, with good intentions.  We take one step forward and then settle or never move.  As I watch this process over and over, I have noticed 2 things that will help you keep moving forward.  The first is to expect that the second step is going to be even harder to take then the first – prepare for the certain resistance that is coming.  The second piece is just keep moving forward, no matter how small the steps are – just keep going.

  • If you said, you will go to counseling to get help – – go.  Saying yes is one thing, but get accountable to someone who is going to help you get there.
  • You had your child dedicated at church – great choice, but make church services a priority.  So many make this choice to bring their kid forward and say I want my kid to follow God and then they almost right away they become inconsistent in leading their family to church.
  • You got back to exercising – – that is great.  Keep going.  Do not just quit after one week.
  • You get baptized – – awesome.  But take the next step in continuing to pursue God.  Get in a small group, read your Bible, start serving.
  • You needed to heal so you went to a new church – – make sense.  But do not stay on the sidelines forever.  Plug back in and get involved.

Whatever you have made a choice to take a step forward with, just keep moving.  One day and one step at a time, but keep moving.

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