Hash Tags

I have a twitter account.  I am not over the top into it, but I do regularly tweet and follow tweets.  For those on twitter, you know that many people mark their tweets with a hash tag.  A hash tag looks like this, #gladforUrban.  You can then search all tweets with that same hash tag.  I am amazed at the creativity of some people’s hash tags.  They are awesome.  Many of them are funny, clever and original.  I saw a couple over the course of this week that were just great.  As I was reading a few of them, I had something occur to me.  What if the creative, clever energy that was used to create these hash tags was being used for something that impacted others in a meaningful way?  It is obvious people have the creativity and smarts to say really unique things.  I began to think about what could happen if that creative potential was harnessed for impacting others or sharing the Christian message or promoting a mission or ministry.  I began to think about the various “hash tag” things in my life where I have spent time and energy on being super clever and creative on something that was only going to last for a few minutes.  So here is my big thought inspired by reading some awesome hash tags – You have creative potential to be used, so use it wisely.

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