Simple Way

This post is intended for those who attend Grace Fellowship.  Those of you who attend here know that we are continuing to grow. In the last few weeks as we have transitioned to a Saturday night service our services have been even more packed.  In fact, we are almost at the place of all three services being full.  (Our leadership is contemplating going to four services (a second Saturday night service)).  With this as a back drop, let me give you a very simple way you can serve Grace Fellowship this week.  Please attend Saturday night service this week if you can.  This week is somewhat unique based on some things going on in our community.  There is a high school playoff game, a play, and a 3:30 Buckeye game.  You can be a little late for the playoff game, you have 3 other options to see the play and you can always DVR the game.  We can not have so many miss on Saturday that our two Sunday services are more insane than normal.  So if you are able, please stretch yourself this week, and attend Saturday night.

Do not use this post as an excuse or reason to miss service this week.  We will make things work no matter how many are here for whatever service.  So be here…because if you are not…you will not get to see what the picture below is all about.

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