Do Not Be Subtle

Several of our staff members went to a leadership conference a few months back.  It was a great for several reasons.  One of the reasons the trip was great was because of the great teaching we received.  In fact during one talk there was a line that was shared that was super important for me to hear.  He said something that has not left my mind since that day.  The line came from a talk that was on gratitude.  In that talk, he made the statement that gratitude is never silent or invisible.  This is so true and powerful.  The implications of this idea are incredible.  I think so often we just think people or groups know how we feel about them.  But they do not.  They need to hear and see our hearts.  So let me encourage you with this.

  • Tell your boss or a coworker what a great leader and/ or employee you think they are.
  • Share with your congregation how honored you are to be their pastor.
  • Go buy your spouse a small gift and as it you give it to them, give them a hug and let him or her know how proud of them you are.
  • Encourage your children with some special one on one time.
  • Write a volunteer in your ministry or non-profit and share with them how awesome he or she is.
  • Thank a your teacher or counselor or pastor for their words in your life.
  • Find a way to randomly appreciate your staff.

And when you do this stuff, do not be subtle.  My it clear you are grateful.  Do not hint at it.  Do not make it so folks have to read between the lines.  Any moment where you are expressing gratefulness is not a moment to be subtle.  

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