See It

I was playing some football with my 6-year-old son last weekend in the backyard.  It was him versus me in an action packed contest (hope you can sense my tongue in cheek).  As we were playing, I was trying to give him some advice on some things he could do that would make him better at football.  I was attempting to encourage him on how to hold the ball and the proper way to run past the defender and the best way to throw and so on.  I was doing my best to present this information and direction to him in love and in an age appropriate way.  After some time, he got discouraged began to whine and then eventually quit.  This happens and is normal, but there is a bigger principle/ thought here that shapes this whole scene.  I am a father who sees potential and ability in his son and wants so badly for my son to see that potential and ability and act on it.

I was thinking about that.  As Kaden’s dad, I see what he could be and I want him to see it and believe.  I could not help but quickly go to how my heavenly father must see this same struggle with me as His son.  He teaches and corrects and rebukes and shapes me so that I will fulfill my potential.  And often, I pout and quit. Here is what I am learning:  My heavenly father sees potential and ability in me that I do not see in myself.  Living out the abundant life God wants for me requires me recognizing that potential and ability that my heavenly father sees.  I have to see it.  I will not act, on what I do not see.  My dreams can not possibly match those of the Lord without a change in how I see myself.

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