Dinner Time

Some times you read some statistics and you just say whatever.  Other times I read statistics that just rock me.  I read some stats associated with family dinner time the other day.  I am not going to quote them for you all, but here is the basic reality.  If you eat a dinner 3-4 times a week as a family, the chances of your children committing a crime, doing drugs, going to jail, experiencing a divorce, getting pregnant outside of marriage, struggling with an eating disorder, fighting poor grades and being depressed go way down.  I mean way down. Way down.  I have heard some of this before.  But wow.  I think there is something for many of us here.

One thought on “Dinner Time

  1. I read a similar thing recently about having the mother (or either parent) home with the kids. It’s a politically incorrect thing to talk about — you’ll almost never see a favorable article about it in the media. Kids left to manage on their own after school do a poor job of managing, according to writer Bernie Goldberg.

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