We, Our

I listen for something when people talk about where they work, or go to school or attend church.  It is whether or not a person refers to it the team or organization or whatever entity with “we/ our” language or “you/ their” language.  This tells you a ton.  This brings clarity to where the person is coming from.  It is almost like the person who lives in LA puts on a Lakers jersey or a Celtics jersey.  There is a huge difference from something being an “our” problem and a “their” problem.  When it is the government’s spending problem you think one thing, but when it is your spending problem you do another.  When it is the city’s problem, it is a their problem.  But if it is my city’s issue, then it becomes a personal thing.

As a pastor, it matters a great deal to me that people see Grace Fellowship with “we and our” lenses.  This means he or she is one of us.  They own our church community.  A shift has been made from being the outside to now being one on the inside.  I am not always sure how and when this happens, but it matters.

Ask yourself….of the groups and organizations you are connected to….what language best describes your involvement – “we/ our” or “you/ their”?  What is keeping you from being part of we?

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