Go Time

This post is for those who call Grace Fellowship home and/ or those who support Grace and want to continue to help this local church move forward.  This Sunday is a big day.  In fact, it is “go time” with some things we have been talking about for quite awhile.  Specifically, it is commitment Sunday for our new building this week.  Many of us at Grace have been thinking and talking about our new building and the funding required for this project for months (even years for some of us).

  1. Be here.  If you call Grace home, do everything you can to be here Sunday.  I mean this.  Skip the travel soccer game.  Cancel a weekend getaway.  Be willing to be uncomfortable and alter your plans.  Your presence matters.  Being here is a way to support this campaign.
  2. Go as big as you can.  Every financial commitment matters.  It does.  Small or big.  But let me blunt and say this is not the time to go small.  If you can, go big.  In fact, go as big as you and your family can.  We need each family to be willing to put it out there when it comes to their financial commitment.
  3. Think practically about what you can sacrifice.  In order to go big, each person and family will need to sacrifice.  Maybe this year you do not take the hunting trip.  You do not buy the new golf clubs.  You take a smaller vacation.  Christmas presents become fewer.  Eat out less.  Do not buy the newer car or get crazy and sell your current car and get a cheaper one. And so on.  We all need to look at the everyday things we can sacrifice to allow our commitments to be more considerable.
  4. Pray.  I am convinced that for us to raise what we need to raise, God has to move in the hearts of the people of our church.  Be praying for your own heart and our collective hearts as a church.
  5. Get it – This is a big deal.  I know that for many of us at Grace it can just feel like another thing going on.  But this is a very crucial point in our development as a church.  Be bold with all aspects of this endeavor.  This is one of those moments.
  6. Remind yourself of what it is all really about.  The mission of our church is bigger than bricks and drywall.  At the bottom of this blog post are several video testimonies of people in our church. Watch these testimonies. This is about reaching people with the transforming power of God’s love.
So join me this week in owning our church in very crucial way.  Show up with your commitment card filled out or ready to fill it out.  What we do now will shape eternity.  Let’s go…it’s time.

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