I get asked by those who attend Grace Fellowship how they can help.  I thought I would take a post and give you some simple things you can do that really allow the mission of Grace to go forward.  Each of these things help give our church away and allow us to continue to be missional and serve others.  If you want to participate with any of this, you most likely have to be willing to die to things that are more comfortable for you and your family, and these things are not always your preference.  That said, we have an amazing “get to” opportunity to do these things, not a “got to” vibe for each “help” opportunity.  We are carrying out the mission of God and connecting people to eternal truth and God’s kingdom.  That is awesome! Help us out at Grace by doing any of the following:

  1. Park up the street at the shuttle lot.  Our community has gotten in a bad habit this summer about just parking in the grass.  As winter approaches, this space will be off the table and we need your help by opening up parking spots for guests and families with small kids by having you park up the street at the shuttle lot.  It is simple, and yet it makes a big difference.
  2. Commit to giving as much money as you can to our Next Chapter campaign.  It is never popular to talk about money to a church.  But we need a new building.  Our attendance numbers and ministry continue to grow and we need to move forward with our new building.  Help out by participating in the three year campaign.
  3. Go to 8:30 service.  Until we get to #4, which you will read next, we need your help by attending the early service.  I know not everyone can do this, but if you can, please do.  Our second last two services need some relief.
  4. When Saturday night services launch, be willing to attend.  We are going to be moving to one Saturday night service and two Sunday morning services as of November 5th and 6th.  We need lots of families who are willing to begin attending our Saturday night service.
  5. Volunteer.  We always need more people to own our church.  If you are interested in owning our church by serving, please contact Pastor Drew, our pastor of Connections, at
  6. Invite.  This is something we want you always doing.  Each and every week invite people to Grace. We will figure out where to put them and how to serve them.  Continue to be on mission and connect to people.  Inviting is something we all can do.
  7. Pray.  Our church is going through a large amount of transitions.  Our leadership and me personally long for your prayers that we would always keep a spirit of grace and truth about all of these changes and that we would be able to communicate the heart and reasons for all of the changes we are going through.  Pray for protection and humility.
I hope this helps.  Have fun helping.

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