Blame It On the Alc…Alc…Alcohol

The discussion of alcohol in the church is one that can get heated really quickly.  For some Christians, alcohol is just off the table.  It is a do not touch it thing no matter what.  For others, they believe in the power of their liberty and their freedom, so they are going to use it.  Let me just state a few things for the record.

  1. I believe the Bible is clear that drunkenness is a sin.  Now some begin to debate what this is.  We could go there, but let’s just say this the Bible is clear we should not be pushing the limit with this stuff.  God lists this issue in lists with things like murder and adultery.
  2. It is not wrong to drink.  Jesus turned water into wine.  The disciples drank.  The Bible provides boundaries for the stuff, but does not say it is evil.
  3. Many people in America struggle with being responsible with alcohol and Christians should be sensitive to that.  Just because you can, does not mean you should.  There are times that even though you have freedom to drink does not mean you should because of those around.
  4. Alcoholism destroys a lot of lives.  Period.  This is a serious thing.  I think when those who take the “I have freedom” position too far, they miss the risk of the stuff.
  5. Cards on the table – I occasionally have a beer or glass of wine.
  6. It is ILLEGAL to drink if you are underage.  Quit saying all the other kids are doing it.  Jesus is your authority, not the college security department or your RA.
  7. If you are bragging about your tolerance or keep increasing it because you drink so regularly, you probably have a problem.
  8. When you are at a function like a wedding reception or party, your primary focus is mission and glory of God, not to “fit in” or make it a “great time” or relive your college years or create some night of escape from the kids or whatever.  The mission of Jesus and a focus on the eternity of others has a way of shifting our focus.
  9. I know that there are people who love Jesus who are struggling with this.  Hang in there.  Keep fighting.  Get help.  There is freedom and victory.  Do not give up.  The conviction is a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  If there is no conviction about someone’s tendency to drink too much, he or she should be concerned.
  10. I think many have lost the ability to function in a social setting without a drink in their hand.  This is dangerous and demands change.
I think this article below is some really good, honest stuff.  Check it out.  I think it shares some truth in a really appropriate way.
My hope with this blog is not to create a position for anyone, but to encourage some personal reflection and thought.  I also know there are Christians, including those in the church I pastor, who are abusing their freedom.  This is a tough discussion, but one that is needed.

3 thoughts on “Blame It On the Alc…Alc…Alcohol

  1. Two things:
    (1) Never have your first drink and you will never have a problem with alcohol.
    (2) I try not to patronize businesses who, in my book, have faults. For instance, Exxon, because of the way they handled the Alaskan spill. Companies that produce alcohol product have a fault: they make a product that cause problems for the drinker and others – their families, their employer, the people they kill and injure on the highway. Their advertisements are of bad taste (pardon the pun). Strange how many sexy young ladies show up in the ads, isn’t it.

  2. Alcohol can be very addictive. It is not just a mental habit but a real physical addiction. It does destroy lives. It has almost destroyed mine a few times. I am grateful to be sober today by the grace of God. Trouble is, most people don’t even realize it has become a real problem until they are past the point of being able to just stop. It is cunning, baffling and powerful!! It is actually a poison to our bodies. So why take the chance. I pray that all young people (as well as old) will take heed to Keith’s message in this post.

  3. Good thoughts Keith on this subject. I would encourage those that struggle in this area to share that fact with a Christian brother or sister. This is the first step in the healing process. The Kevin DeYoung article that Keith references is excellent and contains 5 suggestions on formulating a Christian response to drunkenness on college campuses. Many of these suggestions are applicable off-campus as well.

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