say it out loud

I heard a sports radio personality one time say that one of the ways to examine whether something is a good idea or not is to say the “thing” out loud.  Just say the idea or suggestion or the proposal out loud.  I am finding that when I actually articulate something with my outside voice, I hear just how ridiculous something can be.  Or on the other side, I hear what a good idea or challenge something else is.

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about money.  I was encouraging them to give more to a cause.  The person then stated, “For me to give more, I would have to start watching where the rest of my money is going.”  I said, “You mean you would have to have a budget.”  They laughed.  I was like do you hear what you just said.  Why wouldn’t you want to watch where your money is going.  I mean who knows maybe the budget would lead to eating out less, which may lead to more time around the dinner table as a family, which would lead to talking, and that may lead to community….just saying.

Say it out loud.

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