5 good ones

I love when people provide me, either intentionally or unintentionally, with good ideas.  Every so often I do my best to do the same for others.  Here is an attempt at that.  Below are 5 sermon series that we have done at our church.  I have listed the titles and the overall vibe of the series.  For those of you who attend Grace, this may give you some good reminders or something to recall and dialogue on with your family.  For those who are in ministry, hope this helps.

  1. Paths – every decision we make puts us on a path.  Whether those decisions are big or small is irrelevant.  It puts us on a path.  And every path has a destination.  But many of us do not connect the elements of decision to path to destination.  In this series we talked about acquiring and using wisdom from the BIble to make godly decisions.  We stressed how direction determines destination, not intention.  This is all built on the reality that attention determines direction.  The Bible gives us a grid to go where God wants us to go, but we need to understand paths.
  2. Red Hot Monogamy – this was our study of the book of Song of Songs.  We addressed what the Bible says about marriage.  We talked through becoming the kind of spouse God wants.  We addressed dating.  We talked through the importance of sex in a healthy marriage.  We also addressed how fighting in marriage is a reality, so we must know how to fight appropriately.
  3. What Do You Love – we all love something.  What we have given our time, treasures and talents to reflect what we love.  We are not able to serve two masters.  We will always end up choosing what we love.  In this series, we talked about how what we love we will sacrifice for.  We also said that we serve what we love because when we love something our orientation has been altered to pursue that thing.  Finally we dealt with the reality that if you claim to love Jesus you need to love his church.
  4. The Candy Shop – this was a junk drawer series.  In this series, we focused on the discipline of taking something simple in everyday life, like candy, and connecting it to deep Biblical truth.  So we took candy brands like Now and Laters, Goobers and Life Savers and taught Biblical principles that are related to those brands.
  5. Sent – this was a series on the topic of evangelism.  Unfortunately, we often think of Christianity as a come and see proposition.  Yet Jesus said, Christians are sent as he was sent.  God has sent his people into the world to represent him.  To reflect hope and compassion.  To serve and to reach.  Found people are sent to find people.

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