daddy time

I got to have a date night with my 3 year old daughter last night.  It was long over due.  I am in a season at our church that is taking me from home quite a bit.  During seasons of ministry like this, I can feel my kids (and wife) begin to drift.  So last night, Kaiya and I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at kids books.  We bought a Cinderella book.  We then went and got ice cream together.  We walked around and talked (believe it or not, mostly she talked).  I could feel her reconnecting to her daddy.  We went home and she sat close with me while watching a cartoon.  When it was bed time, she asked if I would lay with her.  Nights like this are awesome.  As I thought about this night and experienced it, I could not help but have some thoughts about my relationship with God and His to me.

  1. There is never a time where our heavenly father is unavailable or is working too much.
  2. Sometimes we just need to reconnect with our heavenly father through a “date” night.
  3. When the father to child relationship and child to father relationship are in sink, it is so powerful for one’s life.
  4. I am pretty sure that God is happy about his kids wanting to be with Him, the same way I am when Kaiya says lay down with me.
  5. All relationships take time.
  6. I want to know my Father cares, and He does.
  7. Although our Father never drifts from us, we can drift from him.
I am so thankful for nights like last night.  They allow me to enjoy my daughter, but they also teach me some important lessons.

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