here you go

I talk to people who are ready to do something for their church.  They are saying I am as ready to serve and help out as NFL fans are to watch some Monday night football.   But they look around and say, “where is the cake?”  What am I supposed to do?  I want to lead in my family.  I want to help out with an outreach event.  I want to know something to pray for because I will pray.  I want to give, but to what.

Here are a list of 10 things you can do at Grace Fellowship (if you do not attend Grace, I am certain there are similar kinds of things you could be doing in and at your community).  You can be a part of these things right now.  No excuses…here you go.

  1. donate some drinks (water, individualized gatorade bottles, cans of pop, etc.) for our BYOB golf outing.  You can contact Jim Bower at or just contact the church office if you are willing.
  2. pray for our group of 57 adults and students (3rd-6th grade) who are heading to camp this weekend.
  3. pick a Bible story and teach it to your kids this week.
  4. donate some items to the Single Parent Appreciation Day we are planning for August 6th.  you can find what types of items we are collecting at
  5. invite a friend to hear a sermon on the 4th commandment for this Sunday.
  6. organize your schedule to allow yourself to attend the church business meeting on Sunday night at 6:30.
  7. share something God is teaching you about the 10 commandments with a coworker or neighbor.
  8. write a note a of encouragement or comfort to someone who needs it.
  9. memorize a Bible verse today
  10. come over to the church and pull some weeds in various locations that need cleaned up

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