You and I Must Fail

That is right.  You and I must fail.  I know.  It sounds strange.  It is even an odd sentence to type for a guy that is incredibly results and success driven.  But I am finding more and more over time that if I am not failing, I am not trying hard enough.  I am not risking.  I am not innovating.  I am not taking the appropriate chances that need to be taken.  An ounce of trying is worth a ton of theory.  You learn so much more by just taking a swing (keeping in mind it is an educated swing).  I know that I have developed a great deal from misses and blunders and this would not have happened without saying failure can be a good thing.

Failure is not an option.  It is a must.  I used to be so scared by failure.  Now I am learning that failure in the right ways and in the right areas is actually a really important part of growing and maturing.  History shows us this reality.  The great ones have a library of testimonies that talk about how many failures they have had before they achieved what they were after.

When is the last time you had a good failure?  When is the last time you risked and thought this just might not work?  Why are you afraid to fail?

One thought on “You and I Must Fail

  1. If we never try…. how will we ever know?

    If Peter talked himself out of the sermon on the day of Pentecost the church would not have begun with an initial membership of 3,000 added in ONE day. What if Jesus allowed the angels to rescue him from the agony of the cross? What if Timothy so young in his age allowed the critics to quiet his zeal for God? What if we have only a handful show up at our benefit concert? I am laughing as I type this. Oh my goodness the “what ifs” are endless?

    Joshua and Caleb did not see the Promised Land like the 10 other spies did. They saw themselves as much larger than grasshoppers. They saw a God with the power and authority to accomplish successes and even God permitted failures through willing vessels.

    In the end…. we walk, we talk, we read, and we take Jesus into our hearts and minds so we can pour ourselves out to a world that that is longing for someone to step out and take a chance.

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