Who does not love some good jambalaya?  In fact, just thinking about the stuff makes me hungry and makes me want to find a recipe to make some.  What makes jambalaya is the mixture of all the various kinds of foods coming together.  Sausage, shrimp, rice, etc….It is just random items coming together to make something delicious.  That said, here are random things rolling around in my head today.

  1. I think many people have lost the ability to have healthy self-reflection and personal evaluation.  Everyone I know who is great at anything, is able to do this.
  2. I have gotten to spend some quality time with my son over the last few weeks.  I love those moments.
  3. 9 people from our church went to go help in Joplin on their own to help those affected by the tornado disaster.  This is awesome.  Jesus cares about hurting people and so should his people.
  4. When you teach and discuss areas that threaten people’s idols, they get upset really quickly.
  5. I work with great people.
  6. Why does dessert have to taste so darn good?  Or better yet, why can’t eating dessert just make you skinny?
  7. LeBron brought more pressure on himself (because of the decision and the celebration party in Miami the day after he signed) and he could not deliver.  Glad for Dirk.  He is a great player.  I am pretty sure Dan Gilbert is one of the happiest and most relieved men on the planet.
  8. How come I can never think of what I would like for Christmas when some one asks. Yet throughout the year, I see lots of things that I say that would be nice to have.  Maybe I should make a list during the entire year.
  9. God has been teaching me some good lessons on integrity recently.  Thankful for this.
  10. My brother and sister are good people.  I am really lucky to have such awesome siblings.  They both love Jesus and they both are good to me.
That is it for now.  Off to find a recipe.

2 thoughts on “Jambalaya

  1. I think that every time I try to evaluate myself, I find myself behaving to the contrary of what I say I do: I am indecisive. I can’t think of things I want for Christmas, so I usually ask for money. I haven’t ever had Jambalaya to eat before and I always thought it was a dish that includes anything you want from the fridge, but then I heard about the type served at (I guess) Schmitt’s Sausage Haus having sausage and rice and stuff in it.

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