There was a moment.  It happened yesterday.  Our church had one service at a local high school this past Sunday (yesterday).  This was a big deal because on a normal weekend we do 3 services.  Over the course of the almost 7 years I have been at Grace Fellowship, our church has gone from a church of about 60 to a church of 800+.  God has been moving.  He has been doing some incredible things.

I have known this for a long time.  But some times it is just hard to see.

I know that for me I can be so close to something that I can not see it at all.  Growth happens in the course of thousands of small events and moments.  It happens over the course of a long period of time.  As a result, it is easy to miss.  It is hard to have the moment where you can just see what is really going on.  It is hard to see just how much a person or organization or thing has grown. The moment where you feel what you have been doing is worth it.  The moment where you are able to be overcome with joy and even satisfaction.

On Sunday during our one service,  I had the moment.  I just finished preaching.  Our church family was worshipping via song.  I walked from the bottom of the auditorium to the top of the room.

I leaned against a railing and just looked down.  I saw our church praising God.  I saw our music ministry which has grown and developed so much.  I saw people in the seats that have met Jesus personally in our church.  I saw volunteers who have given to our church so much of their lives.  And in that moment, I felt so much yet almost nothing.  I felt humbled.  And excited.  And blessed.  And satisfied.  And encouraged.  I was worshipping God.  I was celebrating people. I was feeling like all I have given to Grace is worth it.  And yet…with all this…I felt a sense of just being in the moment.  Life just sort of stopped.  I saw the picture clearly and felt nothing but the power of the moment.  It was something I will never forget.

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