smelly shoes

I played basketball the other night.  For those who know me well, there is nothing earth shattering about that.  I love basketball and try to play regularly.  I played on Tuesday night and went to get in my car on Wednesday morning to head to work.  As I was getting in, I noticed in the back seat was my sling bag with my shoes in it.  As soon I opened the door, it hit me.  A nasty, rank smell just about knocked me over.  And now that smell filled my entire car and presumably my morning drive to the office.

As I drove to the office, I was reminded of an important principle as I was airing out my car.  The actions, attitudes and motives of our lives have the ability to present a pleasing aroma to others and to God.  Or those actions, attitudes and motives can present a repulsive odor to others and God.  I began to reflect on the “stuff” I am storing in my life.  When people engage me, what kind of things have I kept hanging around that. reek and are repulsive.  And even when we clean out the garbage in our lives that smells, this are residual effects from our poor decisions and gross choices.  I reflected on my life as I drove in to the office…and at one point I thought…wow…all this from smelly shoes.

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