the past

Some time back I was in a class and the professor was repeatedly talking about ministry that he had done.  He had started this ministry and that church and ministered to this guy.  It was all very cool and very good stuff.  But something caught my attention – everything he shared took place 15-20 years ago.  People in the class would ask the professor for examples how to do something or what a method looked like in real time and each and every time he went to these events from the past.  It became very clear that the best days of his ministry were in the past.  He ONCE did these things, but was not CURRENTLY doing them.  I do not want to minimize his past ministry and faithfulness.  I praise God for all that he did.  I also know that people’s lives are seasoned and some ministry seasons are “better” than others.  As I was considering his stories, I began to examine my own life.  My own obedience.  My ministry.  The ministry of the church I was past.  Do I just simply keep stories of the past?  Does our church just keep leaning into the past.  I was my best days for my personal ministry and for the corporate ministry of Grace Fellowship to be in the future.  In fact, in my core, I believe my best days for and with God and for my church are ahead.  I do not want to be living in the past, but even if it is just step by step, I want to keep moving forward to better things.

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