I am in a slump or at least I feel like it.  Before I go further, this post is not meant to be a personal pity party.  I am not looking for a bunch of “hang in there Keith” or “you are doing great” responses from people.  I just want to write some stuff to get it out of my system and to keep processing it.  Maybe you can relate.  Whatever line of work you are in, you feel like you can not get what you are called to do done.  You feel like the golfer who will never make a putt again.  Or the salesperson who will never close a deal.  Or the artist who is unable to create a new great piece of art and can not even find the inspiration to begin.  I have been here before, and I know that it does not last forever, but the funk, the slump, the drought is annoying…

Here are some ways I feel like I am in a slump…

  • I have not been able to find some solutions or even helpful direction for some people going through really difficult times.  I feel like I am not delivering to those I am sent to minister to.
  • My leadership has been sub par lately.  I have not been as creative, spirited, focused and effective as a leader in the recent past.
  • I see big cracks in the ministry of Grace Fellowship and instead of wanting to fight, I want to hide.  That is not like me.  I normally see the challenge and get launched to want to solve it.
  • I have tried some things recently or pushed some things lately that I thought would generate bigger wins in our church than they actually did.  That kind of bums me out. 
  • A few families have left our church and I feel like my words and service to them did not matter.  It is really challenging to give to people with all you are and to see people walk. 

Yet through this all…I have hope.  God is good.  The slump will end.  I feel better just writing this.  Maybe one of you can identify.  Hang in there.  Let us push through this together.

8 thoughts on “slump

  1. I can relate to what you are saying and am having lots of questions about what I am doing and supposed to be doing too. I know you are not looking for the “that a boy”, but we all go through seasons and I think you are still doing a stellar job. Don’t get caught up in the slump, just do what you can. I often find that when I do my best, I feel OK even if my best today is equivalent to my worst another day. Hang in there. I am praying for you and trust that you are still praying for me! 🙂

  2. I think that I would be lying if I said I’ve never experienced similar feelings as you feel. I usually persevere grudgingly and try to forget about the situation.

  3. Keith we all have these times in our lives but you will push through. Think about all the people you have helped and all the new families that have joined the church. I personally know 4 that joined since September. You have so many people praying for you just as you are praying for them. God is great and will guide you!

  4. Maybe God is using this slump to show you how great He is and wants you reflecting on Him and His glory….and one of the hardest things He is always teaching me is to wait patiently because He is always in control:)

  5. Slumps are so tough. . . Sometimes I think we go through slumps so that we will draw closer to God. When things are going like “gangbusters” for me I sometimes mistakenly think I am running on my own steam. But when I’m in a slump, I rely on God to get me through. When all else fails have some chocolate-just kidding. Keeping a thankfulness journal helps too!

    Although you didn’t want/need an “atta boy,” you are doing an awesome job. It is clear to us that God is working through you to lead our church. So. . . “hang in there!”

  6. I am typing again after seeing the above comments. They made me feel that I could have persevered my slumps easier if I was more apt to view them as learning experiences. If God is with you, you will be guided no matter what adversely happens to you. That knowledge will help guide people through life more happily.

  7. It is good to hear that even those that we view as “having it all together” have these periods. I can totally relate. These times in our life make the wins that much better.

  8. I hope by now your slump has passed. I do and can relate. I was just able to read this today, 01/11/11. I care a lot. This too shall pass. We love you.

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