that profressor

I was back at my college alma mater some time last year to watch a basketball game.  While I was there I ran into some old friends, a couple old teammates, and some old college professors.  As I was walking along campus leaving the game, I ran into a professor that I had for class 10 years ago and my wife had him for class 12 years ago.  We stopped and talked.  Now before I note any of our conversation, let me comment on a few things regarding my thoughts about this prof.  I always considered him a good teacher, but not great.  He knew his material and seemed to genuinely care about it.  I always counted him a very intelligent and articulate, but no as wildly engaging or engaging.  I appreciated him, but never thought in my heart “hey I want to be like this guy.”  He always said the right stuff, like “if you ever need something, come and talk to me” or “I really do care about you” or I would be happy to pray for you a need or concern you have.”  Although I did not think he was lying, I always thought that is the stuff you are supposed to say as a Bible professor at a Christian college.  So back to that night last year…as we talked, I was first humbled that he remembered my name.  I mean I had one class with him 1o years ago.  I quickly thought, he was a basketball fan, so he remembered who I was from playing ball.  Then he said, “you married Kelly Grady” right.  I was like no way.  Then he said, something I will never forget.  He said “how is she doing?”  He then went on to say how he remembered that 12 years ago Kelly was going through a really hard time in her family.  She shared that with him.  He had prayed for her and her family then and even for years later.  He told me that he was so happy to hear how God had moved in that situation as a I shared the details with him.  I thought “wow”.  He cares, he did care, he will care.  That professor was genuine and authentic and really meant what she said.  The most powerful lesson that prof taught me was 1o years after I left his class and was not in the classroom.  He reminded me of some virtues I should really look for in others and not to be so quick to pattern my life off of sizzle and no substance.  I am grateful for that professor.

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