some thoughts…

I decided that today I would just throw out some random thoughts that have been on my mind:

  1. Faithful people are like gold.  They are so valuable.  I am amazed at how easy so many people jump ship on a team, organization, relationship, etc.  People need to learn to stay in the boat during the storm.
  2. Peyton Manning is really, really good.  He  consistently makes throws and decisions that no one else in the league does.  I think he could pretty much make anyone a productive receiver on his team.
  3. I get tired of hearing people say they are not sure what to do without first trying to find an answer for what to possibly do.  Successful are resourceful and work to find a way.
  4. Some of the most important people to a growing enterprise are not well-known to that enterprise.  Do not confuse popularity with productivity or value.  There are some people at Grace Fellowship that get it done in amazing ways behind the scenes.
  5. Before I had children, I was so convinced that they came out as a blank slate.  I could not have been more wrong.
  6. The more I watch sports, the more I am convinced my dad was right, when he said that most coaches are just average.
  7. I am amazed daily at what an amazing church I get to serve at. 
  8. As I look at some challenges in my life, I think I am about to head into some of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced as a leader over the next year.
  9. One of the most important things you can give to your children is to model an awesome marriage.
  10. If you are a Christian, be sure that you are not just a taker or consumer at your local church, but a contributor to the ministry.

2 thoughts on “some thoughts…

  1. I agree with you when you stated ‘I am amazed daily at what an amazing church I get to serve at.’, because I felt a feeling of how pleasant the Grace Fellowship environment was (that was one of the key factors that attracted me to Grace; that and I am close with your relatives).

  2. I agree with #1 and when you are fortunate enough to find those people – hang on to them because they will bless your life. #3 – Me too, but I have been there. #5 I love this – I made that same mistake too! Most people without kids do. #’s 7,9, and 10 – Amen brother! Preach it! And as for #8…maybe, but you have a church family that cares more than you know and we will be there prayin ya through – so just hang on because you can make it!

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