you are such a dreamer

I believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.  I believe the church, God’s people are the vehicle God is using to convey this hope and manifest it to the world.  I love the church.  I love God’s people.  I love seeing God change broken, misdirected lives and transform them and in doing so put people on a path of life that is all about bringing up and restoring things back to the way God intended.  I am not a church basher.  I am critical of the church universal and of specific local churches and aspects of certain local communities, including my own.  And I think I have a right to speak up, because I am attempting to live out my role in the church to its full potential and to help others in the church do the same.  That said, I think God is big and wants to pull out all of our potential, and the church misses this.  We do not maximize all we could be. 

I heard a guy giving a talk about why the church does not maximize her potential.  He said things like we just do not love others enough.  We are lazy.  We are got up in chasing the things of this world as though it is our home.  And then he said this, the church does not dream enough.  We do not have enough dreamers.  I was caught off guard.  I was like wow…I did not see that coming.  I thought about that for days.  I thought and thought…and I decided…I think the speaker is right.  Most of us are just content living out “goals” that everyone else has.  We are content to live like God is not real.  Not big.  Not active.  Not the creator of everything.  We live like God is not God. 

I think Christians should dream.  Read Ephesians 3:20-21.  God can do more than we can ask or imagine.  Come on.  Get crazy.  Dream big.  I know I took this and have prayed and dreamed.  I have a list of 5 dreams for my church and life.  Things that the only way they will happen is by God’s grace and He will get every ounce of credit and glory.

Here are some thoughts on becoming a dreamer:

  1. remember that God is big and active (Isaiah 66:1-2)
  2. remember that God loves you more than you know (Psalm 103)
  3. get out of the flow of every day life and the norm
  4. reflect on your own personal redemption…if God can save us from hell, he can do anything
  5. think about the idea of legacy you are leaving
  6. pray and ask God for dreams

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