not so fast

The other night I was driving home from my brother’s house.  In the car in front of my was my wife and our 2 kids.  In my car, I had the music blasting.  I was singing, dancing and having a great time.  In her car, one kid was crying and the other was complaining about having to go to bed when he got home.  I was arrived at the house jumped out of my car with enthusiasm and a spring in my step.  My wife opened the car door and said something to the effect of “get these kids away from me.”  Now think about this…two cars, same road, same time of night, driving in the same direction…yet in one environment all was well and in the other…well let’s just say, not so well.  From the outside, just driving along side us or passing by, both looked fine.  Here is my point…you never know what is going on inside the car.  You never know what the person is dealing with at home or at work or in their heart…yet we assume so much without knowing the environment the person is dealing with.  I know I need to learn to cut people more grace and do the hard work of seeing what is really going on in a person’s world before I get upset, pass judgment or get annoyed.

2 thoughts on “not so fast

  1. I agree with you. I have always had occasions where I chose not to consider the other person’s angle when I passed judgment on someone, and those occasions always seemed to happen during times where I was in la la land (which is always for me). I also wanted to describe why I do stupid things like challenge your philosophy on religion: stupidity. I like to take the opposite of a person’s beliefs and argue with that person to reach a logical conclusion. You are describing a solution to the inappropriate arguments I present. I wasn’t aware of my environment when I argued against you in John Schlitt’s Grace Group.

  2. Amen, my brother. Behind the smiles can lie a multitude of tears. Maybe before your “time” but the song, “The Warrior is a Child” still speaks to me. Deep inside our “armor of God” we still hurt, we still need grace… and a helping hand. Blessed are the ones who see, who hear, and who act.

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