I got a text last night.  Not a normal text.  One of those.  One that you will not forget and are just bummed out after you read it.  The text was sharing information about the passing of Todd.  Todd is a friend of mine who is a pastor at a church in Marysville and he died yesterday.  The exact details to his death are still uncertain.  He was found next to his bike dead on the road.  He was 48 years old and in good health.  Todd was a very smart man.  He was a good pastor, father and husband.  He loved God and loved people and just this makes him a special person.  Reading that text, reflecting on the situation, and telling others the news just sobered me.  You really never know.  No one does.  Anyone of us could pass at any moment.  Anyone we know could pass at any moment.  Life is fragile.  Enjoy each moment.

One thought on “sobering

  1. So sorry for the deep loss you are feeling. Yes, it is sobering. It should make all of us stop and realize what really is important “today”. We need to think in terms of eternity one day at a time! Will be praying.

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