image is everything

There was once a commercial with Andre Agassi that had a tagline that suggested “Image is Everything.”  I think many of us live by that.  In fact, I think many of us are captured by that thought/ reality.  We are always performing.  We put up a front for whoever we are with.  We constantly paint a picture of who we are to present an image that will meet everyone else’s expectations and desires.  This process is tiring and never-ending.  It leaves us with many scars and headaches.  I have really wanted to avoid this mindset in my life.  So I have tried to do some intentional things to not get caught in the inertia that leads us this way.  I heard someone say that we all need to adopt the philosophy, “you have nothing to prove and no one to impress.”  I am trying to live by that….and for the moments I do, it is freeing.

One thought on “image is everything

  1. I have wondered if it is wrong for women to wear make-up for this reason. I even talked to my mom and confronted her with this question. I also wonder about plastic surgery and if that’s similar, except for the situations where it would be physically enabling. I would like to know some of the methods you use to act bold and not try to prove stuff.

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